Louisiana – Favorable Production for Bayou Bobs

Forecast: While the statewide fall whistle counts indicated no statistical change from 2011 and continue to be low, 2012 appears to be more favorable for quail production than 2011, according to Jimmy Stafford, small game leader with the state’s Department of wildlife and Fisheries.

The premiere area for bayou bobs can be found in the Wildlife Management Areas, including the Sandy Hollow WMA, Jackson-Bienville WMA, Fort Polk WMA, and the Bernon Unit of the Kisatchie National Forest. Overlooked areas worth hunting this year are the Tangipahoa Parish School Board WMA, Peason Ridge WMA, Clear Creek WMA, and the Kisatchie Ranger District of the Kisatchie National Forest.

Season Dates: November 17, 2012 through February 28, 2013 – see specific WMA regulations for deviations
Daily Bag Limit: 10
Possession Limit: 20
Field Notes: Louisiana quail hunting peaked in 1982-83, when 42,000 hunters harvested 660,000 quail. In an effort to re-establish quail habitat and improve quail populations, three years ago the state initiated its Landowners For Wildlife Program to help private landowners connect to programs and wildlife management techniques. Also, Louisiana is home to the NRCS Longleaf Pine Initiative and the LDWF East Gulf Coastal Plain Prescribed Burning initiative- a practice crucial to southern quail management. According to Stafford, there “seems to be a renewed interest by many landowners to increase quail numbers through sound habitat management.”

In addition, a new Bird Dog Training Area was opened on the Vernon Unit of the Kisatchie National Forest. Plans are also in the works for a quail focus area within the Vernon Unit.

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