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Quail Forever Project Named Finalist for $25K SportDOG Conservation Grant

The Kansas Quail Initiative has identified 230,000 acres that are potentially improvable for bobwhite quail.

Public voting through Nov. 30 will decide Future Forward Fund contest winner

- October 02 -

A Quail Forever conservation project has been selected to be among the seven finalists for SportDOG Brand’s Future Forward Fund Grant Contest. Online voting will decide which conservation project will receive the $25,000 grant. Supporters can vote once a day until November 30th. A pair of Pheasants Forever projects were also selected as finalists.

Kansas Quail Initiative – Quail Forever

The Kansas Quail Initiative, which is part of the larger on-going quail habitat collaboration between Quail Forever, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism and partners, focuses quail habitat enhancement and restoration efforts in two strategic focal areas. The Kansas Quail Initiative’s primary objective is to facilitate a 50 percent increase in bobwhite populations above the baseline level at the conclusion of the 5-year implementation phase (includes both private and public lands) and at least a 5 percent net increase of suitable quail habitat within each focal area. VOTE HERE.

Crawford County Landfill Reclamation - Pheasants Forever

The Crawford County (Iowa) Pheasants Forever chapter aims to reclaim habitat on 145 acres of the recently closed Crawford County Landfill. Conservation improvements would include the planting of native forbs and grasses, woodland enhancements and the construction of an outdoor classroom. The Crawford County Landfill Commission has agreed to allow for public use of this area including hunting, thereby adding an additional 13 percent to the public land block in the county that’s available for sportsmen and women. VOTE HERE.

Habitat for Homecroft – Pheasants Forever

The St. Louis/Carlton County Pheasants Forever chapter’s “Habitat for Homecroft” project will purchase tax forfeit land directly adjacent to Duluth, Minnesota’s Homecroft Elementary School, re-establish natural habitat and create an outdoor classroom and hands-on natural learning environment where students can learn about wildlife ecology, conservation and biology. VOTE HERE.

The SportDOG Conservation Fund Program highlights the company’s support for grassroots organizations, which work with state, federal, and private wildlife and land management agencies to conserve wild game populations and critical habitat that wildlife depends on. SportDOG is a national sponsor of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever.


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