Donations to the No Child Left Indoors Initiative Welcome

Wish today’s youth could have the outdoor experiences you had?

Here’s how you can help make that happen.

Michigan Youth Outreach Trailer full of equipment and activities!

Michigan Youth Outreach Trailer full of equipment and activities!

Most of us recall with fondness our younger days of exploring woods and streams, hunting and fishing and just playing outdoors. Today’s youth are more apt to be found inside. That’s why Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever launched our No Child Left Indoors® initiative. We too are concerned that we don’t lose a generation of conservationists, hunters and land stewards. PF and QF are working with our 750 chapters and other partners in their communities to provide outdoor experiences for youth and their families. We need your help! Please help us make a difference!

Donate to the No Child Left Indoors Initiative Today!

Any donation of $100 or more will be listed in the PF and QF Journal. If you want to make a larger donation, here are the levels you can contribute and what you will receive:

BRONZE LEVEL —For $1,000 - $4,999, you will receive:

SILVER LEVEL — For $5,000 - $14,999, you will receive:

GOLD LEVEL— For $15,000 - $24,999, you will receive:

PLATINUM — For $25,000+, you will receive:

Here’s what your contribution can help support...

Our goal is to take every opportunity at the national, state and local level to introduce youth and their families to the outdoors; teach them about habitat, wildlife and how to hunt; instill an appreciation of natural resources and encourage them to be conservation-minded citizens. Your support can help fund an NCLI wish list that will help accomplish our goals and pass down our outdoor heritage.

$10,000 will...

$5,000 will...

$1,000 will...

$500 will...

For more information, contact Cheryl Riley, PF/QF Vice President of Education & Outreach at (651-209-4975) or

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