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Two Bobwhite Quail

Quail Forever was started to restore the population of the Bobwhite Quail, which has been in constant decline since the early 1900s. The Northern Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus) can be found throughout all or parts of 38 states and is a particularly prominent game bird in the south.

We at Quail Forever have compiled a wealth of information for you to get you prepared this quail hunting season.

Learn more about the history of the bobwhite quail, check your state regulations, get the gear you need and so much more!

Quail Forever's 2014 Hunting Forecast

Quail Forever's 2014 Hunting Forecast

Meet the Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite Quail Biology & History

Quail Forever - Different Quail Species

Bobwhites, Gambel's and Mearn's - Oh my! Introducing the many species of quail.

DNR / GPF Links

Information and links to the state wildlife (Department of Natural Resources, Game, Fish and Parks, etc.) agencies for all 50 states. Check with your local agency for the latest rules and regulations.

Quail Forever Bird Dog Bonanza

Bird Dog Bonanza

Get the Latest Gear
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Outfitters and Guides
Our Guides and Outfitters page in our goods and services section will provide you with some of the best hunting opportunities in the quail range.