NEW FOR 2013-2014: Upland Innovation Continues with Tenzing Bird Vest

In recent years, manufacturers have become more innovative to meet the demands of upland bird hunters. Let’s acknowledge that every vest holds shells and birds. But we want more. Much more.
Light and comfortable? How ‘bout I have to think really hard to remember I’m even wearing it. Water capabilities? Undoubtedly, and plenty for my pooch, too. Bird bag? That’s a given, but I’d rather not risk dislocating my elbow while reaching around to drop a bobwhite in.
It’s this innovative line of thinking that’s led to the creation of the Tenzing “QF” Bird Vest, new for 2013-2014. Tenzing Outdoors, a gear company known for ultra-light hunting packs and equipment, has created an upland vest that functions more like a pack. Checking in at a mere 3 lbs. 2 oz., the Tenzing Bird Vest features 13 pockets, is capable of holding two or three liters of water and retrieved birds are easily slipped in the large wrap-around carrying component.
Not only will this vest serve during the open upland seasons, but summertime is dog training time and this vest has many applications that mean my Tenzing “QF” Bird Vest will get plenty of use come June, July and August.
This vest is the first Quail Forever-logoed offering from Tenzing, made for the type of upland hunter who will go that extra mile. And like all products in the Quail Forever store, by purchasing the Tenzing Bird Vest from Quail Forever, you go the extra mile for conservation. Look for the “QF” logo on this vest and know you’re supporting our mission to create upland habitat for quail. No conservation group works harder or more efficiently to protect the places you and your dog rely on to hunt.
The Over/Under blog is written by Andrew Vavra, Quail Forever’s Marketing Specialist.