Gamebird Gourmet // Pulled Quail Sandwiches

If you're looking for a family pleasing recipe to feed everyone in your family with your quail or other gamebird than you need to try pulled quail!  It is simple, delicious and can be customized to fit anyone's tastes!

Recipe: Pulled Quail Sandwich

Meat Block
Cleaned Quail Breast 
Chipotle Ranch Marinade 
Excalibur's Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce 
Sandwich bread / Buns 
Beer of choice  

1 – Remove the skin from the quail breast, this should simply pull right off.  There is also a tendon on the underside of the breast that should be removed. 

2 – Place all quail in a crockpot and cover with the Chipotle Ranch marinade. 

3 – Pour beer over everything and mix until all seasoning is dissolved 

4 – Cook on High for 3 –½ hours 

5 – Drain 90% of the water and use a pork puller, or two forks to pull your gamebird.  At this time the high temperatures and long cooking times should have broken down all the collagen and connective tissue so it should pull apart easily.  

6 – Add some Excalibur Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce and mix it in. 

7 – Cook on Medium for 30 minutes 

8 – Add in more BBQ Sauce if desired 

9 – Plate and enjoy!