Podcast Ep. 58: Volunteering with The Habitat Organization Results in Lifelong Hunting Buddies

879b5d80-9754-448b-a0d6-7d48d8077b59 Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Pheasants Forever chapter volunteers Scott Rall, Scott Roemhildt, and Kenny Reed for a conversation about how their volunteer efforts brought them together as close friends and traveling hunting buddies.

Show highlights include:

•    Scott Rall was a Field & Stream Hero of Conservation finalist, known as “The Protector of the Prairie.” 
•    Rall was also part of Pheasants Forever’s very first land acquisition, Pheasant Run One in Minnesota’s Noble’s County, now a public Wildlife Management Area.
•    The group talks about their motivations for volunteering, interests in wildlife habitat, and passion for permanent land acquisitions to create new public lands for hunters.
•    There’s also an interesting debate between the group, who all own land they manage as pheasant habitat for hunting, about what’s more of a trophy: a public lands rooster or a rooster they “created” on habitat they nurtured.
•    Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s unique financial model empowering local chapters with 100% control of the funds they raise to accomplish the organization’s habitat mission.