Shotguns & Shooting  |  06/30/2021

WATCH: Bird Hunting Ballistics - Shotgun Shells Demystified

SoundGear CZ

Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s ongoing Path to the Uplands content series is our pledge to help you become an upland bird hunter while learning about our favorite (and critically important) landscapes.

Within this installment we’re going to cover the basic components of a shotgun shell, how they work, and how to properly read the information on the outside of a box of shells. Whether your primary goal is to break some clays or go upland hunting, by the end of this video you’ll be able to walk into any sporting good store and confidently pick out the perfect shells for your intended use.

Topics Covered in This Video:
• How Does a Shotshell Work?
• Shotshell Sizing
• Shotshell Recommendations
• Shotgun Choke Tubes
• Patterning Your Shotgun
• Choke Tube Pattern Comparisons

About Path to the Uplands
Hunters have always been wildlife habitat’s strongest advocates, wildlife’s staunchest allies, and publicly accessible lands’ steadiest supporters. The world needs more hunter-conservationists, and specifically more upland bird hunters — lovers of pheasants, quail, prairie grouse and more, and defenders of the wild places these magnificent birds call home. The world also needs more pathways to becoming a hunter or taking up hunting again. That’s what Path to the Uplands is all about. Turn to this one-stop content shop for expert help with your journey into — or back to — upland bird hunting.

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