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7 Products to help you get your upland act together... and keep it that way

Reviews By Quail Forever Staff  ||  Photos By Logan Hinners

Reviews By QF Staff
Photos By Logan Hinners


The combination of energetic bird dogs and excited hunters creates moments of controlled chaos at tailgates during bird season. Whether searching for shells, keeping your shotgun out of harm’s way or making sure you don’t have to move a heavy cooler every time you roll up to your next spot, we’re excited to share 7 products to help you stay organized and efficient on the road — which means fewer headaches and more time afield.

Decked Drawer System

For those of you who own a pickup truck but have been living under a rock, let us introduce you to the Holy Grail of functional gear storage (and for the rest of you, it’s time to get to know this product better). The DECKED drawer system completely overhauls the functionality and organization of your truck bed while increasing the usable space that’s normally eaten up by dog kennels, camping gear and other large items.

The specs speak for themselves: 100 percent weatherproof, 2000-pound payload, 200-pound drawer capacity, and only 200 pounds of product weight.

But it’s the peace of mind that really puts this system over the top: It can lock up firearms, and drawers extend to function as organized work platforms. Fully customizable to your style and needs, the drawer dividers, shotgun holders and various compatible organizers will guarantee you start and end every hunt with the feeling of having your life put together … no matter what type of chaos and excitement is happening in the dog boxes strapped above.

MSRP: Starting at $1,499, with buy-now pay-later available

BPro Kennels Premier Dog Boxes

If you attended National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic last spring in Minneapolis, chances are you stopped in awe at the BPRO display. And if you have one of these dog boxes in the back of your truck bed, be prepared for similar reactions from strangers every time you stop to fill up with gas.

BPRO features 5 distinct and customizable builds based on your needs, but the two-hole Mini was the dog box of choice for us due to its streamlined compatibility with a drawer system. Keeping your dogs’ safety in mind, the purpose-built lightweight aluminum Mini features ample ventilation, lockable internal storage that spans the entire width and length of the box, and rock-solid tiedowns and handles.

Beyond keeping your most valuable assets completely safe and secure no matter what Mother Nature throws at it, the solar package with built-in solar panels on the roof of the box provides ample energy to run the built-in running and flood lights while also creating a mobile self-contained charging station for your training collars and other electronic devices. This is the ultimate “load up and go” solution for the traveling bird hunter.

MSRP: Starting at $3,050 for The Mini model

PAKMULE® SCOUT Cargo Carrier

Historically speaking, hitch-mounted cargo carriers have been viewed as a necessary evil for extended trips through the uplands. They prevented easy access to your vehicle’s tailgate or trunk, leaned to the point of concern if not perfectly loaded, and the bases were a liability for bird dogs’ legs falling through.

PAKMULE has squashed all of these concerns with their robust and functional SCOUT hitch rack.

Weighing in at only 37 pounds yet able to handle 650 pounds of gear, this 100-percent aluminum hitch rack will never chip or rust. And it is constructed as if they had bird hunters in mind. Case in point: The SCOUT can easily accommodate multiple water containers and a full-size cooler, while the anti-wobble hitch connection provides enough walkaround room for you to easily access gear and dogs without having to unload and detach the carrier itself.

In addition, the built-in floor is bird dog paw-friendly and makes an ideal “tailgate check” station for post-hunt deburring and eye washes.

MSRP: Starting at $695

Orvis® Tough Trail™ Chuckwagon Dog Tote and Backseat Extender

Staying organized shouldn’t be a chore, it should make your hunts more enjoyable. Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference. Introducing the Orvis Tough Trial Chuckwagon system, and the Orvis Backseat Extender.

The Tough Trail Chuckwagon Dog Tote is the Mary Poppins “magic carpet bag” of the upland world. It’s incredible how much gear you can keep in it while keeping messes to a minimum via the adjustable interior dividers. Included in this system are two collapsible dog bowls, a roll-top food bag that will last one dog beyond an extended weekend, and an ingenious hidden waste bag dispenser (as dog owners, it’s acceptable to be excited by this feature).

Not to be outdone in the “ah-ha!” category by a waste bag dispenser, the Backseat Extender is a useful organizational tool that transforms traditional “dead space” behind your front seats into an easy-access storage box that comes with a lid, can be removed, and folds flat when not in use. We found the Extender to be especially nice for creating a level platform that reaches to the backseat, allowing for more efficient packing in the rear of any vehicle.

MSRP: Tough Trail Chuckwagon Dog Tote is $149, Backseat Organizer is $98

YETI Loadout gear cases and Panga Bags

When it comes to brands that consistently overbuild and overdeliver, YETI is at the top of the list. So, no surprise, their lineup of LOADOUT® gear cases and PANGA® waterproof duffel bags fit that mold.

Perfectly constructed for the bird hunter who wants to keep gear organized while also being able to simply throw it in the back of a truck, PANGA duffel bags are completely waterproof. They feature backpack straps for easy-carry. Robust ThickSkin™ makes these adventure-ready bags ideal for cast and blast trips, or if you don’t want to shell out big dollars for a truck topper.

Add in the 28L waterproof backpack and a few packing cubes to avoid the mess that can occur in cavernous duffels, and you’ve created the perfect heavy-duty organizational system that can function anywhere and handle anything.

Looking for something a bit more rigid, lockable and even more bombproof? YETI LOADOUT gear cases have become mainstays across pheasant country. Here’s why. Dustproof, waterproof and nearly indestructible, they come sized as 15, 30, and 60 (for reference, the 30 has internal dimensions of 17.7”W x 11.8”D x 8.7”H), and each size nails a specific sweet spot for functionality. Think of the 15 as a perfectly constructed new-age military ammo box, the 30 fits the niche for camp kitchen items, power banks, training collars and bird cleaning supplies, while the 60 is the ultimate secure catch-all traveling gear locker.

MSRP: PANGA Duffel Bags and backpacks start at $300, LOADOUT gear cases start at $125

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