Shoot Where You Step

Okay, so the dog is staunch, muscles quivering and eyes bulging. He’s done his part and so far you haven’t bollixed things with your approach. The bird is still somewhere under that bush, right? Now let’s do our darndest to hit it when we pull the trigger.
The good clay target shooters anticipate a bird’s trajectory and set their feet for it. I’m no slouch when it comes to stealing great ideas, and neither are you, right? With a little knowledge and experience, you can probably make an educated guess as to which direction that rooster will launch itself. Simply knowing that will help your approach, and ultimately, how you set your feet for the shot.
As you flush your quarry, anchor your “off” foot (left if you shoot right-handed) pointing about the direction you hope the bird will fly. If you’re flushing the bird yourself save that last step and make it in the direction you anticipate the bird flying.