Farm Bill Markup Completed by both Senate and House Agriculture Committees this Week

After months of delays and political posturing, both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives’ Agriculture Committees began work on a new Farm Bill this week.  As you’d expect, I was there along with QF’s Jim Inglis to make sure the voices of our members, bird hunters and conservationists were heard.  The Farm Bill remains our single most important tool for wildlife, water and hunters.

Hearing Room

Hearing room during the House Agriculture Committee’s markup of 2013 Farm Bill

In the Senate Committee

On Tuesday, May 14th, the Senate Agriculture Committee finished the Farm Bill markup in just three hours, which may be a record! Their efficiency stems from their pretty much sticking to last year’s template.  There are, however, a few amendments deserving attention due to their value for wildlife.

First, it was clearly demonstrated the Senate supports linking crop insurance to conservation compliance.  Second, we were very excited to see the important Sodsaver language make it into the bill.   Third, there were amendments to help USDA distribute technical assistance funding, which would give NRCS more flexibility to enter into agreements with Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever to deliver conservation programs.  And lastly, there was some interesting language on increasing habitat for pollinators, especially honey bees.  As we have mentioned before, great pollinator habitat can be great for all wildlife, particularly pheasants and quail.

Ultimately, the Senate Committee version of the Farm Bill passed by a vote of 15 to 5.  That bill is now headed to the full Senate floor for a vote.  In fact, there is a chance the Senate’s vote may happen as early as next week.


In the House Committee

On Wednesday, May 15th, the House Ag committee began work on their Farm Bill mark.  There was very little action on the Conservation Title during the session, and still no language to tie crop insurance to conservation compliance.  We were certainly disappointed by that omission, but remain optimistic it can be remedied in conference committee.  We are also hopeful to direct more EQIP/WHIP funding for wildlife priorities, however those amendments were withdrawn.   At near midnight (14 hours after the start), the House passed their version of the Bill by a vote of 36-10.


House leadership is postulating a floor vote may occur sometime in June where we hope to strengthen some of the conservation language in the Conservation Title.


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Looking Ahead

A group of Quail Forever & Pheasants Forever chapter leaders, farmers, landowners and staff will be in Washington, D.C. next week meeting with our elected officials as we work to strengthen the conservation components of the bill in preparation for floor votes.

Additionally, we were excited to see the USDA open Continuous CRP practices to landowners this week and are optimistic there will be strong demand for the general CRP signup that starts on Monday, May 20th.  If you are a landowner interested in learning more about CRP, please check out one of our landowner meetings taking place in coordination with the signup.  A full list of landowner workshops is available at and as always, your local USDA Service Center is an excellent source of CRP information.


The D.C. Minute is written by Dave Nomsen, Quail Forever’s Vice President of Government Relations.