Hunting & Heritage  |  10/25/2023

Podcast Ep. 236: Upland Hunting Outlook for the Western United States

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Quail Forever’s Program Manager Andy Edwards for a conversation focused on guests Casey Cardinal, resident game bird biologist for the New Mexico Game & Fish Department and chair of the Western Quail Working Group, and Lauren Stamm, Quail Forever’s regional representative for the southwestern U.S. The group provides an upland bird hunting forecast covering quail species across the western states starting in the southwest desert up to the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Episode Highlights:
  • Cardinal gets the conversation started by targeting scaled quail in west Texas and rolls across New Mexico and Arizona with positive prospects for bobwhite, Gambel’s, and Montezuma quail.  
  • Stamm covers Nevada and California for valley quail, Gambel’s quail, and chukar. 
  • Cardinal closes the conversation with a wide array of hunting forecasts for valley quail, mountain quail, sharp-tail grouse, dusky grouse, and chukars across the Pacific Northwest.  
  • Edwards and St.Pierre add their perspectives as Midwest-based bird hunters traveling to the West where rattlesnakes, mountain cliffs, and cactus are intimidating factors for the first-timers. 
Check out Quail Forever’s full state-by-state quail hunting forecast for more details.

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